Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meanwhile, in Police State, America

by Mr. Ogre

I read a definition of a “police state” yesterday that really bothered me. Someone said that a police state is a place where the police have the power to arrest anyone for anything at any time. My very first thought was, “Welcome to America.” In case you didn’t know, you can be arrested by any policeman at any time, and the policemen will not ever be held accountable. The charge? Resisting arrest/disorderly conduct. This is also known as “contempt of cop.”

71-year old Ray McGovern found out about this when he committed a serious crime and was wrestled, manhandled, bruised, and arrested. What was this serious crime, for which he was physically attacked and punished? He dared to turn his back on Her Royal Majesty, Hillary Clinton. No, seriously, that’s it. He didn’t say a word, he didn’t bother anyone, he didn’t threaten anyone, he didn’t harm anyone. But if you annoy a government official in America, you are forced to jail. And the charge? Of course — disorderly conduct.
Actually you are on the right track but you have not fully realized what the definition of a Police State, Here let me help you out! A better defintion albeit a more scary one but one we have to live with everytime we go outside the door to say Costco as Erik Scott's family found out when he was executed in cold blood outside a Costco Store , his crime having a Concealed Weapons Permit, well it is legal to have a weapon for self defense, well in theory, yes in real life police officers do not like for anyone to be armed but them and by having a weapons puts your life in mortal danger even if it is a crossbow ..... Make sure you see this Video=>>here

Read more about how Erik was judged, juried and executed on and check out his facebook page=>> here

or how about
pregnant woman shot by Washington State Detectives or if you want to watch a taped execution of a man in his own home watch here=>>
Dad to be killed by Vegas Cops want to watch a real life execution on real time here=>>Blair Shooting his crime, his roomate who wasn't home smoked pot or want to watch a disabled man in a wheelchair shot

Illegal Search - Police Respond to Man With Crossbow & Seize House

Man in Wheelchair shot

That is the definition of a police state is when you can not only be arrested at any time but you your life can be terminated at any time and this is why I don't feel safe living in America...