Thursday, October 14, 2010

Leave Me Alone!

by Mr. Ogre

So, I’m watching the US and world economy going down the drain. I’m seeing the globalization of America, and seeing real hard times coming. So, I’d like to prepare myself and at the same time, do what the enviro-lefties want, and reduce, reuse, and recycle. Here’s my plan:

I want to obtain some land, maybe in Montana. I’d like to build a home (think log-cabin), and then farm the land to feed myself. I might also do some work as a carpenter, and perhaps trade with some other folk in the area, maybe some vegetables for meat or furniture for animals. I won’t require anything of anyone. I won’t use force to make people do anything for me or provide me with anything. I will help people when I can, but not if they don’t want my help.

Only one problem with my plan — it will not be possible, because it would break dozens, if not hundreds of laws. I’d have to pay taxes on the purchase of the land. I’d be required to pay annual taxes simply for living on the land. I may run afoul of various federal laws if I happened to plant vegetables in “federally protected” lands. I would get in trouble if I defended my life against a wolf that was intent on killing me. I would be required to pay taxes on voluntary transactions between myself and other willing people. I would be evicted from my home by force if I didn’t receive the correct government permits before building, and would jailed or killed if I attempted to live in a house that did not meet arbitrary government standards. I would have my family taken from me, should I attempt to allow my children to help me labor on the land, or if I were to allow others to employ them to learn a useful skill. If I were to go to the bathroom without getting permits and following government regulations for connections to various government systems, I would also be jailed or killed.

In other words, in this country, once the land of the free, it is now a large number of serious crimes to simply attempt to live free. Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

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