Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Business/Tourism Visas

1. Letter of application addressed to the consul or the Minister of Foreign Relations (in case the person is already in the DR), signed by the applicant or legal representative. The letter of request can be issued by an individual or a company and should contain the following:

a) Name, nationality, place of residence, economic solvency and the profession of the interested party or the activity to which the applicant is or will be dedicated in the country.

b) Relationship or parentage of the person that will be responsible for the applicant during his/her stay in the country, if this is the case. (This is not necessary if the person is applying by way of a consulate abroad.)

c) If the person is applying individually, the letter should explain the person's economic solvency, nationality and profession or primary activity. (This is not necessary if the person is applying by way of a consulate abroad.)

d) If the person is employed or to be employed by a company in the Dominican Republic, the application should be made on company stationary and signed by the highest ranking officer of the company, indicating the position to be occupied by the applicant. The company needs to establish that it will be responsible for the applicant during his stay in the country.

2. Form 509-Ref -Typed or printed, accompanied with a Internal Revenue Service stamp. Citizens of the United States, Spain, Italy, Panama, Mexico and Norway do not need to purchase these stamps, because the visas are free for them.

3. Three front view 2 x 2 photographs.

4. Two complete copies of all pages of applicant's passport.

5. Certificate of Good Conduct issued in the jurisdiction of origin. If the beneficiary has been more than three months in the country, it needs to be issued by the competent local judicial authority.

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