Sunday, July 18, 2010

Residency Visas

The residence visa is the first step to obtain the residence card in the Dominican Republic. It can be obtained in approximately three months. The Ministry recommends that the process be begun prior to the person arriving in the DR, although it can also be carried out once the person is in the country.

1. Letter of application addressed to the consul or the Minister of Foreign Relations (in case the person is already in the DR), signed by the applicant or legal representative. The letter of request can be issued by an individual or a company and should contain the following:

a) When the application is filled out by an individual: individual's name, nationality, place of residence, and the activity to which the applicant is or will be dedicated in the country. If the application is filled out by a company, in addition to the data on the applicant, the request should be made on company stationary, and signed by the highest ranking officer of the company, indicating the position the applicant will hold.

b) Indication of the ties to the country that can be any of the following:

1-b) Dominican by origin.

2-b) Married to a Dominican.

3-b) Have a work contract, legalized by the Ministry of Labour.

4-b) Proof of economic solvency (investor, retiree).

2.- Form 509-Ref, duly completed and signed by the applicant, to be submitted with the other documents to the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Typed or printed, accompanied with a Internal Revenue Service stamp.

3.- Certificate of Good Conduct issued in the jurisdiction of origin. If the beneficiary has been more than three months in the country, it needs to be issued by the competent local judicial authority.

4.- Medical Health Certificate. Issued in the jurisdiction of origin. If the applicant has been living more than three months in the country, a recent medical certificate should be presented, legalized by the Ministry of Public Health (SESPAS).

5.- Three front view 2"x2" photographs.

6.- Birth Certificate.

7.- Certificate of the Department of Migration with proof of the last entry of the person to the country and copy of the Tourist Card.

8. Two photocopies of the applicant's complete passport.


1. All documents received from abroad need to be legalized by the Dominican consulate in the corresponding jurisdiction.

2. All documents need to be presented in original and four copies with the exception of the passport.

3. The passport needs to be valid for a minimum of three months after having been deposited for the visa.

4. If the application includes the spouse, a marriage certificate should be included.

5. Minors are exempt from the Good Conduct Certificate requirement.

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