Monday, July 26, 2010

Margarita Island... a MOST AFFORDABLE Vacation/Retirement Destination in the CARIBBEAN!

Margarita Island--with it's beautiful beaches, lush green valleys, friendly people and reasonable prices offers cultural diversity, lots of beaches, nightlife, eco tours, and plenty of bars...
something for everyone! For more information......

Affordable Destination in the CARIBBEAN!

Notes from the Editor :

Margarita Island is such lovely place with charming views, I'd love to vacation there as an avid Scuba Diver , the pictures were fantastic. And the Curmudgeon did a great job as it's been one of the most fun sites I enjoyed surfing. As far as taking my family there I would like a little more infra-structure, and we will be writing about retirements destination that offer the stability and environment that a family needs to raise children in, and have the structure in place to retire comfortably.

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